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1960's :: The "jeans boom" amongst youth and counter culture markets popularizes the denim market. Once a work fabric, denim becomes the casual wear item of choice by teenagers across America. Round House expands to 2 factories and international accounts begin. Germany, England, and France begin merchandizing Round House® brand workwear.

1964 :: Edward Antosh purchases Round House and becomes president. He will go on to increase Round House retail and private label accounts at retail chains such as CR Anthony's, Target, and over 400 independent stores throughout the southern and southwest regions. Round House® thrives as demand for denim products increase.

1968 :: Industry experiences technological breakthrough with the introduction of synthetic fabrics and permanent press. General belief held that these new methods of fabric construction would take over the industry. As a consequence, many denim manufacturers stop using denim. Round House shies away from these new avenues, deciding to stay true to its cotton/denim roots.

1978 :: Eldest son of Edward, Jim Antosh joins as a manager, having recently graduated from university with a Masters degree in Business Administration and industrial engineering from Oklahoma State University.

A denim surge hits the United States and revitalizes the market. The demand for denim exceeds supply and mills are unprepared to supply manufacturers with enough fabric.



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