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1980 :: Despite supply chain challenges, Round House responds to the growing demand of overalls and denim by youth, introducing many color hues, including pink and Hawaiian prints! Producion increases to 12,000 pairs/month, 1000 pairs/daily. Round House® overalls are sold to C.R. Anthony and Target stores, plus 400 independent stores in the Southwest, while national distribution reaches 30+ states, internationally.

The surge in demand prompts the restructuring of the factory, and the addition of 20 new workers, bringing the factory total to around 55, with over a dozen employees who have been on staff for more than 10 years. Round House maintains a legacy of worker loyalty; some, such as 77 year-old Mabel Lower (over 50 years at the factory), have worked there for decades.

1986 :: Jim Antosh becomes president of Round House.

Antosh succeeds in getting Round House® denim workwear into J.C. Penny®, retail giant Walmart®, Atwoods® - an midwest farm and ranch store chain, and Texas department store chain Baskins®. He also coordinates the contracting of Round House to produce denim garments for other brand labels such as Dickies® and Sherwin Williams®.



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