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Q: Where are Round House products made?

A: ROUND HOUSE® Made in USA jeans, overalls, workwear and kids clothing as well as everything else are produced by Round House Manufacturing LLC in Shawnee, Oklahoma USA.

The company was started in 1903 and soon after began producing ROUND HOUSE® brand workwear. At 110 years old, Round House is the oldest all USA made manufacturer and the oldest manufacturer in the state of Oklahoma. Our full history can be viewed HERE.

ROUND HOUSE® prides itself on being American Made.

Q: How can I contact Round House?


      Round House Mfg.
      1 American Way
      Shawnee, Oklahoma 74804


Q: What's that hole at the top of my overalls and the hole in the bib?

A: They are for your pocket watch. (If you have one, you probably knew that already). The chain hooks inside the hole at the top and the watch goes in the special bib opening.


Q: My overalls have what look like loose seams on the sides. Is that a mistake?

A: Those "extra" seams are normal and very common in overalls.

The "tack", which reinforces the seams holding the overall front and back together, is always made below the top stitch. This makes the reinforcement more secure, but leaves a few "extra" seams at the top that naturally loosen and pop out over time.

They add some extra reinforcement while they last.

Q: Where can I buy ROUND HOUSE products?

Find a store near you carrying ROUND HOUSE®, HERE.

Online stores that can sell anywhere in the United States can be found HERE.


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