Historical Photos 1904-1910 Round House Made in USA Jeans and Overalls


1908 Round House company picnic. Benson Park near Tecumseh, OK.


Round House workers producing American Made jeans in our first decade. Photo from 1909.



Invoice dated June 23, 1905 to "Fox & Turner" company in Fort Smith, AR.

The bill is for 2 dozen overalls and "1 1/4 dozen" coats. Both items are priced at $9.00 per dozen.


Promotional sign fro Tryon Trading Co. in Tryon, OK.



Shawnee Daily Herald newpaper dated Friday, May 7, 1909 announcing a Round House factory move to a new building in downtown Shawnee.



Diary given as a promotional item; the first page extolls the virtues of Round House American Made jeans and overalls.


Advertisement for Mammoth Department Store in Shawnee and union made products. The left panel recommends Round House American Made Overalls.