Round House sets Guinness World Record World's Largest Overalls: Round House Made in USA Overalls


October 21, 2002


GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS has declared ROUND HOUSE® BRAND MADE IN USA JEANS, OVERALLS & WORKWEAR, the manufacturers of the LARGEST PAIR OF OVERALLS in the WORLD. ROUND HOUSE® developed this EXCEPTIONAL PAIR OF OVERALLS made in the style, look, and material of classic ROUND HOUSE® overalls, to commemorate this LANDMARK ANNIVERSARY.

"Size matters!" exclaims ROUND HOUSE® owner and president JIM ANTOSH. At 17 feet, 4 inches long and an inseam of 8 feet 6 inches, rounding out at 174 inches in the waist, these contenders for the GUINNESS BOOK needed a TRUCK and THREE PEOPLE to lift them high enough to take official measurements! Specially made for the overalls were buttons that measure 8 INCHES IN DIAMETER + SUSPENDER LOOPS OVER 16 INCHES WIDE! "We decided to make the big overalls to celebrate 100 years of ROUND HOUSE®, and we wanted these overalls to be the BIGGEST IN THE WORLD." 

This ROUND HOUSE® world record introduces an entirely new category to the GUINNESS BOOK's over 40,000 world records! To qualify for GUINNESS recognition as the "LARGEST OVERALLS," the event on OCTOBER 21 required two witnesses not involved with ROUND HOUSE®, a detailed measurement of the enormous garment, and a videotaped account of the dynamic event. More than 175 people attended the event.

ROUND HOUSE® WORKWEAR and JEANS began producing quality work apparel for the Oklahoma
railroad workers back in 1903, and continues the tradition of providing quality durable work clothes to the HARD WORKING CONSUMER. Round House currently makes American made jeans, jackets, overalls, aprons, dungarees, caps, camo, and kids' clothing.   In 2003, ROUND HOUSE® also plans to unveil ROUND HOUSE 100®, an exclusive brand that will bring back replicas of KEY FASHIONS honoring several eras in ROUND HOUSE®'S ONE HUNDRED YEARS of PRODUCTION.

For 100 YEARS ROUND HOUSE® WORKWEAR has been supplying America's workforce with our nation's BEST FITTING + LONGEST WEARING AMERICAN MADE JEANS AND WORKWEAR. Since 1903 the ROUND HOUSE® trademark has remained an authentic and enduring symbol of superior workmanship and American spirit. Maintaining the same quality and high standards throughout the years, the ROUND HOUSE® brand means fine quality fabric, Triple-Stitched Seams that hold, Bar-Tacked Strain Points, Deep, Reinforced Pockets, Proportioned Fit, and competitive prices.