Historical Photos 1990s Round House Made in USA Jeans and Overalls

Round House factory employees, 1992.
Shawnee mayor and city officials at the ground breaking on the new Round House factory.
Round House owner Jim Antosh with his three sons in front of the construction of the new factory building, April 1995. Moving from a four floor building (with a 1910-20's elevator) allowed Round House to expand production and increase efficiency dramatically. With hundreds of new retailers Round House began cranking out American Made jeans and overalls like never before. Round House was on its way to becoming the name in Made in USA jeans.
Jeans Made in USA 1990s Nineties
Round House has always remained committed to American Made jeans and always will. Sewing high quality handcrafted jeans Made in USA is in our DNA.
JC Penney® catalog model wearing Round House® Made in USA overalls.
JC Penney® catalog model wearing Round House® American Made overalls.
Round House employee at work.
Jim Antosh inspecting overalls at the new factory.