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IRREGULAR #61 Made in USA Kids Premium Stripe Bib Overall
$ 9.95  $ 49.95
IRREGULAR #61 Made in USA Kids Premium Stripe Bib Overall

Round House American Made Kids Hickory Stripe Overalls are made by the Americans who know train engineering. We began in 1903 making bib overalls for the Rock Island and Santa Fe railroads' "round house" train repair station. The overalls come with the heft and durability Mom's and Dad's desire and the authenticity of 111 years of experience.

Accept no mediocre substitutes. These are the real deal for kids and parents who know railroading.

(Sizes 12 Months, 18 Months and 24 Months have durable snaps along the legs and crotch for easy changing.)

Only available at this website and nowhere else. As mentioned at the top of this page, overalls at other websites or retail stores may not be made in America.

Round House

$ 9.95 $ 49.95



This overall or jean is an irregular, also known as a second. This means it contains a flaw, damage, problem, or mistake.

An irregular will have bad stitching, bad zippers, incorrect sizing, poor fit, color changes, patches, stains, holes, or any other issue.

It is not possible to know what the problems will be for the pair that you buy. And since it is a flaw, it is not something we make on purpose or try to keep in stock.

We cannot make any guarantees of quality or fit and cannot accept returns for irregulars.

We always recommend buying 1st quality overalls and jeans (those not marked as irregulars).